Our Parents were once young and vibrant as we are today. It's our responsibility to get them comfortable, healthy and happier in their old age, to allow them live their full life spans with dignity.

How to Get Help

How we help

Whether you need accommodation or services to help you cope at home, advice from a professional social worker ... or you just want to join a club, make friends and enjoy your golden years - Gillian Sabatia Foundation is here to ensure the welfare and happiness of older people.

If we can't help you ourselves, we can put you in touch with other people and organizations who can!

Who we Help

Our services (as vast as described herein) are ever available to all people over the age of 70 – regardless of race, color or religion.

It is our humble policy to do the greatest possible good for the greatest possible number of people, that our humble facilities and practitioners can be able to professionally and supportively accommodate, with no thought of who deserves help, but only of who direly needs help. We make no charge for Social Work consultations or visits.

Where we help

Our services are available to all citizens.

Social Work Services

Our qualified social workers are trained and equipped to advise you and your family on a variety of issues related to growing older. If you are not able to come into our offices yourself, please call our Social Services Department on +254 706 532 225 and ask for the Intake Social Worker, who will arrange for one of the social workers to visit you at home.

Your social worker will give you confidential guidance and counsel on a range of issues, including:

  • Applying for the Government Old Age Pension
  • Budgeting and management of finances
  • Obtaining material help, in the form of clothing, blankets, food parcels and essential household items
  • Accommodation available for older persons in and around Nakuru County, including frail care and assisted living
  • Services available to help alleviate loneliness – in some cases a weekly telephone call or perhaps a volunteer to call on a friendly visit
  • Information about GSF's service centres, social clubs and support groups
  • Home Based Care Service and/or Meals on Wheels
  • Referring you to other organizations in Nakuru County that may also be able to assist
  • Dealing and coping with loss and bereavement

There is no charge for this consultation/visit.

Meals on Wheels

If you cannot cook for yourself, a ready-to-eat midday meal – consisting of soup, main course and desert – can be delivered to your home, Monday to Friday. Where essential, special arrangements can be made to cover the weekend. A nominal charge, based on income, is made for Meals on Wheels. To access this service please contact the Intake Social Worker on +254 706 532 225

Lunches at very affordable prices are also served at the following service centres:

(Coming Soon )

Cook 'n Care

From its state of art food processing facility in Falcon Park Nakuru, GSF's Cook 'n Care caters for all GSF residences and lifestyle centres, as well as external clients.

Catering Manager, Nelly Oluchiri, and her team provide around 70 000 meals per month with a diverse menu based on a six week cycle to ensure daily dietary requirements are met.

The unit recently started a commercial venture, Food to Go, which offers six varieties of frozen ready made meals: spaghetti bolognaise, macaroni cheese, vegetable curry, chicken curry, beef potjie and rice, spanish chicken and rice.

We are happy to supply meals to other welfare organizations, children's homes, schools, company canteens, corporate events, etc.

For more information, please contact Cook 'n Care on +254 706 532 225 or email

Home Based Care

For elderly people who want to continue living independently in their own homes, or in one of our residential buildings, but who find it difficult to cope with cleaning, shopping, laundry and even bathing and dressing - GSF offers a team of well-trained Home Based Carers who will call in as necessary to help with:

  • personal hygiene care and grooming, e.g. washing, bathing, dressing, nail and hair care
  • making beds and tidying rooms
  • cleaning, dusting and personal laundry
  • washing and changing bed linen
  • shopping
  • issue of daily medication (only available in GSF buildings)
  • nursing assessment and procedures, e.g. 'flu injections and wound dressing

Charges for Home Based Care are assessed according to income. If you or an elderly relative require the assistance of one of our Home Based Carers, please contact our Intake Social Worker on tel.+254 706 532 225. A nurse will visit to assess your needs and discuss the service.

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