Our Parents were once young and vibrant as we are today. It's our responsibility to get them comfortable, healthy and happier in their old age, to allow them live their full life spans with dignity.

Clubs & Support Groups

Support Groups

Whether you are an older person coming to terms with illness or loss of mobility – or someone caring for an elderly or disabled relative – meeting and talking to others in similar circumstances can be enormously helpful and encouraging.

Alzheimer's Support Group

Alzheimer’s is an incurable disease that affects an estimated 25 000 Kenyans over the age of 65, across all racial, social and economic sectors. It starts with short term memory loss and subtle changes of personality, and progresses inexorably until the person affected becomes totally confused and unable to function physically or mentally.

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s – making sure they don’t forget a pot left on the stove, leave the door unlocked, or wander out onto the street and get lost – is a huge responsibility and many families simply can’t cope. Placing the Alzheimer’s patient in a home may be the best option. Other families can manage with a part-time nurse or care-giver to help with bathing and personal care, or periods of respite care to enable them to get away for a few days. Some just need advice and support to understand and come to terms with the disease.

The important thing is not to feel guilty or ashamed to admit you need help. Joining the GSF Alzheimer's Support Group gives you the opportunity to meet others in the same situation, to discuss problems and to draw strength from the knowledge that you are not alone.

To join this group, please contact our Intake Social Worker on tel. +254 706 532 225.

Stroke Club

Stroke is the biggest cause of disability amongst older persons in Kenya. Unlike Alzheimer's, which affects the patient gradually, a stroke happens suddenly and often without warning, and can leave the victim semi paralysed, unable to talk or see or eat.

With time, a full or partial recovery is possible in some cases. Rehabilitation is an important part of stroke treatment, and may involve physical, occupational and speech therapy. Regular, gentle aerobic exercise, such as swimming, can also be beneficial.

GSF runs a Stroke Club for those who have had a stroke and their family members or carers. The group meets twice a month at the GSF  Therapy Centre, Nakuru. Transport is provided if necessary.

For further information, please contact the Occupational Therapist on tel. +254 706 532 225.

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