Our Parents were once young and vibrant as we are today. It's our responsibility to get them comfortable, healthy and happier in their old age, to allow them live their full life spans with dignity.

Mission & Vision


To operate and maintain exemplary service centers catering for and providing precedent health care, shelter and social justice ti Old Aged Persons.


To provide competent and timely healthcare, shelter and social justice to the Old Aged Persons.

Our aim is to encourage older persons to live as independent members of the community for as long as possible, and to care for those who are no longer able to look after themselves.


The Gillian Sabatia Foundation has the following Principal Objective:

  • To promote the welfare of the elderly person.

And in furtherance of the Principal Objective, the Gillian Sabatia Foundation shall adhere to the following ancillary objectives:

  • To provide specialized and geriatric medical care and pharmaceuticals for the elderly.
  • To provide shelter, food and clothing for the elderly.
  • To offer recreational activities for the Elderly to make better use of their leisure time and build social networks.
  • To employ staff who will take care of sanitation of the elderly.
  • To operate day care centres for the elderly.
  • To take such steps by personal or written appeals, private meetings, public meetings or representations to Parliament, government entities and other bodies as may be deemed expedient to promote any of the objectives of the Foundation.
  • To raise, secure and utilize funds for the attainment of any or all objectives of the Foundation, and to do such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of these objectives.

Our Partners & Collaborators

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