Our Parents were once young and vibrant as we are today. It's our responsibility to get them comfortable, healthy and happier in their old age, to allow them live their full life spans with dignity.

About GSF

Gillian Sabatia Foundation (GSF) is a Not For Profit (NFP) registered Non Governmental Organization (NGO) dedicated to serving the needs of Kenyan's elderly residents.

The Gillian Sabatia Foundation team is geared to meeting the challenges of an ever changing social and economic environment. As the responsibility of caring for an ageing population threatens to overwhelm the percentage of economically active Kenyans, new and better solutions need to be explored and developed in order to ensure a happy and secure future for older persons in society.

Providing suitable accommodation, including frail care, is the greatest challenge. GSF is currently in the process of acquiring land to construct a building for this purpose, and provide support services, such as Meals on Wheels and Home Based Care, to enable older persons to continue living in their own homes. Seniors' quality of life is also of paramount importance; opportunities for social interaction, entertainment and activities shall be offered through our clubs and Service Centre.

All services shall be provided either free or at a nominal charge, and we shall rely heavily on contributions from local businesses and individuals. Someday we will be old and may need help ourselves. Please help ensure that GSF will be there for you and your loved ones by making your donation online now. We are dedicated to the alleviation of distress and the promotion of the welfare of aged persons living in the Kenyan.

Any person who is over 60 and in need of help – or any person who knows of an elderly person in need of help – should contact us.

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